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RPR1958-M Volumes and surface areas of pendular rings Walter Rose 1958 Out of print
RPR1958-E Further indications of pore doublet theory Walter Rose and James Cleary 1958 Out of print
C224 Studies of waterflood performance. II, Trapping oil in a pore doublet Walter Rose, Paul A. Witherspoon 1956 Out of print
C215 Quality of groundwater estimated from electric resistivity logs Wayne A. Pryor 1956 Out of print
C212 Groundwater geology in southern Illinois : a preliminary geologic report Wayne A. Pryor 1956 Out of print
RI196 Groundwater geology of White County, Illinois Wayne A. Pryor 1956 $5.00
RPR1960-J Cretaceous sedimentation in Upper Mississippi Embayment Wayne Arthur Pryor 1960 Out of print
C387 Ashmore gas area Coles County, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1965 $5.00
C292 Glacial-drift gas in Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1960 $5.00
C272 Freeburg gas pool St. Clair County, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1959 $5.00
C253 Tiskilwa drift-gas area Bureau and Putnam Counties, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1958 $5.00
C250 Fishhook gas pool, Pike and Adams Counties, Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1958 Out of print
IP122 Analyses of natural gas in Illinois Wayne F. Meents 1981 $5.00
IP066 Illinois oil-field brines : their geologic occurrence and chemical composition Wayne F. Meents, Alfred H. Bell, O. W. Rees, and W. G. Tilbury 1949 Out of print
C389 Grand Tower limestone (Devonian) of southern Illinois Wayne F. Meents, David H. Swann 1965 Out of print
GES16 Guide to rocks and minerals of Illinois Wayne Frankie 2004 buy
MISCMAPOGIND Oil and gas industry in Illinois, 1977 Wayne Meents 1977 NA
RPR1958-P Dip direction indicator Wayne Pryor 1958 Out of print
FTGardenGods Geology of the Garden of the Gods Recreation Area, Shawnee National Forest, Saline, Gallatin, Pope, and Hardin Counties, Illinois Wayne T. Frankie 2009 Buy
FTKickapoo Guide to the geology of the Kickapoo State Park and surrounding area, Vermilion County, Illinois Wayne T. Frankie 2005 Buy


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