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RPR1974-I Trace elements in whole coal determined by x-ray fluorescence John K. Kuhn 1973 Out of print
RPR1974-H Time as a factor in thermal metamorphism of phytoclasts (coaly particles) Neely H. Bostick 1973 Out of print
RPR1974-G Physical properties of the Illinois Herrin (No. 6) coal before burial, as inferred from earthquake-induced disturbances Heinz H. Damberger 1973 Out of print
RPR1974-F Reaction products of pentachlorobenzene with potassium fluoride in dimethyl sulfoxide D. R. Dickerson, G. C. Finger, and R. H. Shiley 1972 Out of print
RPR1974-E Kankakeea gen. nov., buds for vegetative reproduction in Carboniferous ferns Hermann W. Pfefferkorn 1973 Out of print
RPR1974-D Boron in illite as an indicator of paleosalinity of Illinois coals B. F. Bohor and H. J. Gluskoter 1973 $5.00
RPR1974-C Memorial to David H. Swann H. B. Willman 1974 Out of print
RPR1974-B Illinois State Geological Survey radiocarbon dates V Dennis D. Coleman 1974 Out of print
RPR1974-A Improvement in trimerization of acetylene to benzene for radiocarbon dating with commercially available vanadium oxide catalyst D. D. Coleman, C. L. Liu, D. R. Dickerson, and R. R. Frost 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-O Petrographic characteristics and physical properties of marls, chalks, shells, and their calcines related to desulfurization of flue gases Richard D. Harvey, Robert R. Frost, and Josephus Thomas, Jr. 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-N Wisconsinan climatic history interpreted from Lake Michigan lobe deposits and soils John C. Frye and H. B. Willman 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-M Deduction of flow patterns in variable-density aquifers from pressure and water-level observations D. C. Bond 1973 $5.00
RPR1973-L Pleistocene succession of the central interior United States John C. Frye 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-K Thermal conductivity of carbonate rocks Josephus Thomas, Jr., Robert R. Frost, and Richard D. Harvey 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-J Cadmium: Mode of occurrence in Illinois coals Harold J. Gluskoter and Peter C. Lindahl 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-I Polyphenyl fluorides D. R. dickerson, G. C. Finger, and R. H. Shiley 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-H Geology of coal Jack A. Simon and M. E. Hopkins 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-G An elutriator method for particle-size analysis with quantitative silt fractionation Leon R. Follmer and A. H. Beavers 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-F Memorial to Gilbert Haven Cady, 1882-1970 Jack A. Simon 1973 Out of print
RPR1973-E Trends in energy supply Hubert E. Risser 1972 Out of print


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