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RPR1977-E Inorganic sulfur in coal Harold J. Gluskoter 1977 $5.00
RPR1977-D Determination of forms of sulfur in coal N. F. Shimp, J. K. Kuhn, and R. J. Helfinstine 1977 Out of print
RPR1977-C Behavior of dolomite in adsorption of H2S from fuel gas R. D. Harvey, George Kan, Robert A. Graff, and Arthur M. Squires 1976 $5.00
RPR1977-B Effect of pH on exchange-adsorption or precipitation of lead from landfill leachates by clay minerals Robert A. Griffin and Neil F. Shimp 1976 Out of print
RPR1977-A Attenuation of pollutants in municipal landfill leachate by passage through clay Robert A. Griffin, Neil F. Shimp, John D. Steele, Rodney R. Ruch, W. Arthur White, and George M. Hughes 1976 Out of print
RPR1976-I The origin of drift-gas deposits as determined by radiocarbon dating of methane Dennis D. Coleman 1976 $5.00
RPR1976-H Mineralogy of ash of some American coals: Variations with temperature and source Richard S. Mitchell and Harold J. Gluskoter 1976 Out of print
RPR1976-G Trends in productivity of Illinois coal mines: A review, analysis, and outlook Ramesh Malhotra 1975 Out of print
RPR1976-F Economies of scale in coal mining Ramesh Malhotra 1976 $5.00
RPR1976-E Sphalerite in coals from the Illinois Basin J. R. Hatch, H. J. Gluskoter, and P. C. Lindahl 1976 Out of print
RPR1976-D Changing pattern of the Illinois coal market Ramesh Malhotra 1975 $5.00
RPR1976-C Origin of regional geomagnetic variations recorded by Wisconsinan and Holocene sediments from Lake Michigan, U.S.A., and Lake Windermere, England Kenneth M. Creer, David L. Gross, and Jerry A. Lineback 1976 $5.00
RPR1976-B Clay mineralogy of modern alluvial muds of the Mississippi River basin P. E. Potter, D. Heling, N. F. Shimp, and W. Van Wie 1975 $5.00
RPR1976-A Developments in east-central states in 1974 G. L. Carpenter, E. Nosow, A. T. Statler and J. Van Den Berg 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-L Tripoli J. C. Bradbury and H. P. Ehrlinger III 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-K Close-range photogrammetry for mapping geologic structures in mines V. D. Brandow, H. M. Karara, H. H. Damberger, and H.-F. Krausse 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-J Sub-Trenton structure of Ohio, with views on isopach maps and stratigraphic sections as basis for structural myths in Ohio, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan: Discussion D. L. Stevenson 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-I Comparison of vitrinite reflectance in coal seams and in kerogen of sandstones, shales, and limestones in the same part of a sedimentary section Neely H. Bostick and James N. Foster 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-H Trace elements in coal by neutron activation analysis with radiochemical separations J. Kennedy Frost, P. M. Santoliquido, L. R. Camp, and R. R. Ruch 1975 Out of print
RPR1975-G X-ray fluorescence analysis of whole coal John K. Kuhn, William F. Harfst, and Neil F. Shimp 1975 Out of print


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