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RPR1979-O Pyrolysis of eastern gas shale--effects of temperature and atmosphere on the production of light hydrocarbons Mei-In Melissa Chou and Donald R. Dickerson 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-N Petrology and maturation of dispersed organic matter in the New Albany Shale Group of the Illinois Basin Mary H. Barrows, Robert M. Cluff, and Richard D. Harvey 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-M Aquifer transmissivity from surficial electrical methods Paul C. Heigold, Robert H. Gilkeson, Keros Cartwright, and Philip C. Reed 1979 $5.00
RPR1979-L Diamphidocysts, a new mitrate "Carpoid" from the Cincinnatian (Upper Ordovician) Maquoketa Group in southern Illinois Dennis R. Kolata and Thomas E. Guensberg 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-K Developments in east-central states in 1978 G. L. Carpenter, Edmund Nosow, Robert D. Lindau, and Jacob Van Den Berg 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-J Glacial and post-glacial sediments in Lakes Superior and Michigan Jerry A. Lineback, David L. Gross, and Carol I. Dell 1979 $5.00
RPR1979-I The Sangamon soil in its type area--a review L. R. Follmer 1978 Out of print
RPR1979-H The Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Systems in the United States: Illinois Elwood Atherton and James E. Palmer 1979 $5.00
RPR1979-G Mobility of polychlorinated biphenyls and dicamba in soil materials: Determination by soil thin-layer chromatography R. A. Griffin, A. K. Au, and E. S. K. Chian 1979 $5.00
RPR1979-F Characterization of subsidence profiles over room-and-pillar coal mines in Illinois Stephen R. Hunt 1978 Out of print
RPR1979-E Degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls by mixed microbial cultures R. R. Clark, E. S. K. Chian, and R. A. Griffin 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-D Minerals in the economy of Illinois Thomas O. Glover and James C. Bradbury 1979 Out of print
RPR1979-C Use of internal surface area and high-pressure methane sorption data to estimate capacity for gas production from the New Albany Shale Group Robert Frost and Josephus Thomas, Jr. 1978 Out of print
RPR1979-B Ground-water pollution--a status report David E. Lindorff 1979 $5.00
RPR1979-A North American drilling activity: Developments in east-central states in 1977 Jacob Van Den Berg, G. L. Carpenter, Edmund Nosow, and Anthony Statler 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-P Minerals in the economy of Illinois Thomas O. Glover and James C. Bradbury 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-O Implications of solid-waste disposal in the unsaturated zone Thomas M. Johnson and Keros Cartwright 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-N Hydrogeology of underground coal mines in Illinois Keros Cartwright and Cathy S. Hunt 1978 Out of print
RPR1978-M Illinois: Description of coal seams Illinois State Geological Survey Coal Section staff 1978 $5.00
RPR1978-L Geologic studies to identify the source for high levels of radium and barium in Illinois ground-water supplies: a preliminary report Robert L. Gilkeson, Susan A. Specht, Keros Cartwright, Robert A. Griffin, and Thurston E. Larson 1978 Out of print


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