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RPR1981-R Geological considerations in hazardous-waste disposal K. Cartwright, R. H. Gilkeson, and T. M. Johnson 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-Q The Kankakee River yesterday and today J. Loreena Ivens, Nani G. Bhowmik, Allison R. Brigham, and David L. Gross 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-P Desirable characteristics of a state-wide evaluation of coal resources C. G. Treworgy, H. H. Damberger, and J. E. Palmer 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-O Illinois State Geological Survey radiocarbon dates VII Chao-Li Liu and Dennis D. Coleman 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-N Evaluating the saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soils Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-M High-calcium, high-reflectance limestone resources of Illinois Jonathan H. Goodwin and James W. Baxter 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-L Tube cracker for opening samples sealed in glass tubing Dennis D. Coleman 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-K Bertrandite at Hicks Dome, Hardin County, Illinois James W. Baxter and J. C. Bradbury 1980 $5.00
RPR1981-J Halogenated benzene radical cations and ground state degeneracy splitting by asymmetric substitution V. E. Bondybey, C. R. Vaughn, Terry A. Miller, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-I Correlation of natural gas content to iron species in the New Albany Shale Group Richard H. Shiley, Robert M. Cluff, Donald R. Dickerson, Conrad C. Hinckley, Gerard V. Smith, Helena Twardowska, and Mykola Saporoschenko 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-H Trilobites in Paleozoic carbonate buildups Donald G. Mikulic 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-G Fractionation of carbon and hydrogen isotopes by methane-oxidizing bacteria Dennis D. Coleman, J. Bruno Risatti, and Martin Schoell 1981 Out of print
RPR1981-F Memorial to John Everts Lamar, 1897-1979 H. B. Willman 1982 Out of print
RPR1981-E Removal of organic sulfur by low-temperature carbonization of Illinois coals C. W. Kruse and N. F. Shimp 1981 $5.00
RPR1981-D Laser-induced excitation spectra of the cations of some fluoro-substituted phenols (B2 A" <-> X2 A") in the gaseous phase J. P. Maier, L. Misev, and R. H. Shiley 1980 Out of print
RPR1981-C The laser-induced fluorescence spectrum of the 1,2,3-trifluorobenzene radical cation V. E. Bondybey, J. H. English, Terry A. Miller, and R. H. Shiley 1980 Out of print
RPR1981-B Mossbauer studies of illites and heat-treated illite as related to coal-conversion processses Mykola Saporoschenko, Helena Twardowska, Gerard V. Smith, Conrad C. Hinckley, Richard H. Shiley, and W. Arthur White 1980 $5.00
RPR1981-A Geological mapping of roof conditions: Crown II mine, Macoupin County, Illinois W. J. Nelson and Roger B. Nance 1980 $5.00
RPR1980-S Scanning electron microscope studies of samples from the New Albany Shale Group M. H. Barrows 1980 Out of print
RPR1980-R Factors favoring expanded underground mining of limestone in Illinois James W. Baxter 1980 $5.00


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