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RPR1984-C Memorial to John Chapman Frye H. Bowen Willman 1983 $5.00
RPR1984-B The origin and early genesis of clay bands in youthful sandy soils along Lake Michigan, U.S.A. Richard C. Berg 1984 Out of print
RPR1984-A Sangamon and Wisconsinan pedogenesis in the midwestern United States Leon R. Follmer 1983 Out of print
RPR1983-I Methods for detecting the mobility of trace elements during medium-temperature pyrolysis Richard H. Shiley, Kenneth L. Konopka, Richard A. Cahill, Conrad C. Hinckley, Gerard V. Smith, Helena Twardowska, and Mykola Saporoschenko 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-H Studies of Illinois Herrin (No. 6) Coal: Effect of forms of sulfur M. Rostam-Abadi and C. W. Kruse 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-G Recent geologic development of Lake Michigan (U.S.A.) David L. Gross and Richard A. Cahill 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-F The application of surface electrical and shallow geothermic methods in monitoring network design Robert H. Gilkeson and Keros Cartwright 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-E Damage that may be mistaken for coal-mine subsidence R. A. Bauer 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-D Factors in design, location, and integrity of landfills Keros Cartwright 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-C Pore-water pressure in the roof of an underground coal mine in Illinois Keros Cartwright, Cathy S. Hunt, Ross D. Brower and W. John Nelson 1983 $5.00
RPR1983-B Pyridine radical cation and its fluorine substituted derivatives V. E. Bondybey, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1982 $5.00
RPR1983-A Cost of surface mining coal in Illinois Subhash B. Bhagwat 1983 $5.00
RPR1982-H The geomorphology of the Sangamon surface: its spatial and temporal attributes Leon R. Follmer 1982 Out of print
RPR1982-G The application of surface geophysical methods in monitoring network design Robert H. Gilkeson and Keros Cartwright 1982 Out of print
RPR1982-F A new look at deep-minable coal resources of Illinois Colin G. Treworgy 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-E Selection of waste disposal sites Keros Cartwright 1982 $5.00
RPR1982-D Ne matrix spectra of the sym-C6Br3F3+ radical cation V. E. Bondybey, T. J. Sears, Terry A. Miller, C. Vaughn, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-C Relation of process mineralogy to energy issues Jack A. Simon 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-B Analysis of rock stress around a liquid waste injection system in Illinois Manoutchehr Heidari and Keros Cartwright 1981 Out of print
RPR1982-A Spectroscopy and decay dynamics of several methyl- and fluorine-substituted benzene radical cations V. E. Bondybey, C. Vaughn, Terry A. Miller, J. H. English, and R. H. Shiley 1981 Out of print


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