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RPR1985-L Relationship between geochemistry of coal and the nature of strata overlying the Herrin Coal in the Illinois Basin, USA Chen-Lin Chou 1984 Out of print
RPR1985-K Unifying nomenclature in the Pennsylvanian System of the Illinois Basin R. J. Jacobson, C. B. Trask, C. H. Ault, D. D. Carr, H. H. Gray, W. A. Hasenmueller, D. Williams, and A. D. Williamson 1985 $5.00
RPR1985-J Maceral distributions in Illinois coals and their paleoenvironmental implications Richard D. Harvey and J. Wesley Dillon 1985 $5.00
RPR1985-I Stratigraphic and interregional changes in Pennsylvanian coal-swamp vegetation Tom L. Phillips, Russel A. Peppers, and William DiMichele 1985 Out of print
RPR1985-H New Albany Shale Group (Devonian-Mississippian) source rocks and hydrocarbon generation in the Illinois Basin Mary H. Barrows and Robert M. Cluff 1984 $5.00
RPR1985-G Definition of contaminant pathways: an integrated geophysical and geological study Robert H. Gilkeson, Timothy H. Larson, and Paul C. Heigold 1985 $5.00
RPR1985-F Effects of weathering on coal and its sulfur constituents in refuse piles L. A. Khan, D. J. Berggren, and R. E. Hughes 1984 $5.00
RPR1985-E Use of aerial photographs and vegetation patterns to predict the distribution of fine-grained quartz and kaolinite in tailing ponds L. A. Khan, D. J. Berggren, and R. E. Hughes 1984 Out of print
RPR1985-D A method for describing and evaluating coal mining wastes for coal recovery: A case history from the historical longwall district in the northeastern Illinois coal field L. A. Khan and D. J. Berggren 1984 $5.00
RPR1985-C Soil--an uncertain medium for waste disposal Leon R. Follmer 1985 $5.00
RPR1985-B Comparison of miospore assemblages in the Pennsylvanian System of the Illinois Basin with those in the Upper Carboniferous of western Europe Russel A. Peppers 1985 Out of print
RPR1985-A Economic and regulatory framework for production of solid compliance fuels from medium to high sulfur coal Subhash B. Bhagwat and Louis A. Johnson 1985 $5.00
RPR1984-K Three-dimensional geologic mapping: A basis for hydrogeologic and land-use evaluations John P. Kempton and Keros Cartwright 1984 $5.00
RPR1984-J Mineral matter and trace elements in the Herrin and Springfield Coals, Illinois Basin coal field R. D. Harvey, R. A. Cahill, C.-L. Chou, and J. D. Steele 1984 Out of print
RPR1984-I Composition and distribution of mineral matter in the Herrin Coal of the Illinois Basin Chen-Lin Chou and R. D. Harvey 1983 Out of print
RPR1984-H Coal characterization Heinz H. Damberger, Richard D. Harvey, Rodney R. Ruch, and Josephus Thomas, Jr. 1984 $5.00
RPR1984-G Memorial to George Miller Wilson, 1915-1983 Jack A. Simon 1984 Out of print
RPR1984-F Characterization of coal chars from a flash pyrolysis process by cross polarization / magic angle spinning 13C NMR Mei-In M. Chou, Donald R. Dickerson, Dale R. McKay, and James S. Frye 1983 Out of print
RPR1984-E Changing patterns of Pennsylvanian coal-swamp vegetation and implications of climatic control on coal occurrence Tom L. Phillips and Russel A. Peppers 1984 Out of print
RPR1984-D Laser-induced fluorescence spectra of fluorophenol cations in a Ne matrix V. E. Bondybey, J. H. English, Terry A. Miller, and R. H. Shiley 1983 Out of print


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