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C433 Temperature prospecting for shallow glacial and alluvial aquifers in Illinois Keros Cartwright 1968 Out of print
RPR1970-B Tectonics and the gravity field in the continental interior L. D. McGinnis 1970 Out of print
C025 Systematic water flood may revive older Illinois fields Frederick Squires 1938 Out of print
C029 Synthetic cryolite G. C. Finger and Frank H. Reed 1938 Out of print
C578 Synopsis of Current Three-dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling in Geological Survey Organizations Richard C. Berg, Stephen J. Mathers, Holger Kessler, and Donald A. Keefer 2011 $15.00
B080 Symposium on waterflooding : held at Urbana, Illinois, October 28-30, 1956 Paul A. Witherspoon, chairman 1957 Out of print
EG065 Survey of Illinois crude oils for trace concentrations of mercury and selenium R. F. Mast and R. R. Ruch 1973 Out of print
IPGMWordenSG Surficial Geology of Worden Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley 2004 $15.00
IPGMWoodRiverSG Surficial Geology of Wood River Quadrangle, Madison County, Illinois David A. Grimley and Scott W. Lepley 2005 $15.00
ICGMWhitesideSG Surficial geology of Whiteside County, Illinois Richard C. Anderson, Xiaodong Miao 2013 Buy
IGQWelgeSG Surficial Geology of Welge Quadrangle, Randolph and Jackson Counties, Illinois W.J. Nelson and David A. Grimley 2010 buy
IPGMWaucondaSG Surficial Geology of Wauconda Quadrangle, Lake and McHenry Counties, Illinois Andrew J. Stumpf, Michael L. Barnhardt and Ardith K. Hansel 2004 $10.50
IGQValmeyerSG Surficial Geology of Valmeyer Quadrangle, Monroe County, Illinois David A. Grimley, Johanna M. Gemperline, and Timothy A. Larson 2014 buy
IMAP016 Surficial Geology of the Middle Illinois River Valley, Bureau, Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, and Woodford Counties, Illinois E.D. McKay III, R.C. Berg, A.J. Stumpf, and C.P. Weibel 2010 $12.50
IGQStolletownSG Surficial Geology of Stolletown Quadrangle, Bond and Clinton Counties, Illinois David A. Grimley and Johanna M. Gemperline 2015 Buy
IPGMStJacobSG Surficial Geology of St. Jacob Quadrangle, Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois Andrew C. Phillips 2004 $15.00
ICGMStClairSG Surficial Geology of St. Clair County David A. Grimley and Andrew C. Phillips 2011 $15.00
IGQSpringBaySG Surficial Geology of Spring Bay Quadrangle, Peoria and Woodford Counties, Illinois Andrew J. Stumpf and C. Pius Weibel 2005 buy
IGQRomeSG Surficial Geology of Rome Quadrangle, Peoria and Marshall Counties, Illinois A.J. Stumpf 2010 buy
IGQRedBudSG Surficial Geology of Red Bud Quadrangle, Randolph, Monroe and St. Clair Counties, Illinois D.A. Grimley and N.D. Webb 2010 buy


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