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C425 Turbidites and other sandstone bodies in the Borden Siltstone (Mississippian) in Illinois Jerry A. Lineback 1968 Out of print
C189 Twenty-five years of engineering geology in Illinois George E. Ekblaw 1954 Out of print
C028 Two new lycopod seeds from the Illinois Pennsylvanian James M. Schopf 1938 Out of print
IM041 Two-dimensional shape of sand made by crushing Illinois limestones of different textures Paul C. Heigold and J. E. Lamar 1970 Out of print
C524 Type and figured fossils in the Worthen collection at the Illinois State Geological Survey Lois S. Kent 1982 buy
RI201 Types of late Cenozoic gastropods in the Frank Collins Baker Collection, Illinois State Geological Survey A. Byron Leonard 1957 $5.00
ES03 Typical rocks and minerals in Illinois George E. Ekblaw and Don L. Carroll 1931 Out of print
CG1988-01 Ultrafine coal cleaning via explosive shattering and aggregate flotation processes : final technical report to the Coal Industry Committee, through the Center for Research on Sulfur in Coal principal investigator, R. R. Ruch, co-investigators, G. C. Sresty, R. B. Read, P. J. Demaris, D. M. Rapp, C. W. Kruse, C. Chaven, M. S. Summers 1988 Buy
RPR1995-G Uncertain future for Chicago aggregate industry Donald G. Mikulic 1995 $5.00
RPR1956-R Underclay squeezes in coal mines W. Arthur White 1956 Out of print
RPR1956-H Underground storage of liquid petroleum hydrocarbons in Illinois Illinois Committee, Alfred H. Bell, Chairman 1956 Out of print
IP104 Underground storage of natural gas D. C. Bond 1975 $5.00
C318 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois Alfred H. Bell 1961 Out of print
IP086 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois, 1967 T.C. Buschbach, D. C. Bond 1967 Out of print
IP101 Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois, 1973 T. C. Buschbach, D. C. Bond 1974 $5.00
RPR1974-J Underground waste management--a people problem John C. Frye 1973 $5.00
C106 Undiscovered oil reserves in Illinois M. M. Leighton. Lower Ordovician and Cambrian oil possibilities in Illinois / Stewart Folk 1944 Out of print
CG1983-05 Undisturbed core method for determining and evaluating the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sediments Atef Elzeftawy and Keros Cartwright 1983 Out of print
RPR1985-K Unifying nomenclature in the Pennsylvanian System of the Illinois Basin R. J. Jacobson, C. B. Trask, C. H. Ault, D. D. Carr, H. H. Gray, W. A. Hasenmueller, D. Williams, and A. D. Williamson 1985 $5.00
C114 Unitizing the royalty interests Frederick Squires 1944 Out of print


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