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EG155 Groundwater geology of DeWitt, Piatt, and northern Macon Counties, Illinois David R. Larson, Beverly L. Herzog, and Timothy H. Larson 2003 $13.00
IM127 Availability of the Colchester Coal for mining in northern and western Illinois Christopher P. Korose, Scott d. Elrick, and Russell J. Jacobson 2003 $12.00
IM126 Water resources in Illinois: Demand, prices, and scarcity rents Viju C. Ipe and Subhash B. Bhagwat 2003 $5.00
IM125 Advanced characterization of forms of chlorine, organic sulfur, and selected trace elements in available coals from operating Illinois mines M-I. M. Chou, I. Demir, S. B. Bhagwat, F. E. Huggins, G. P. Huffman, and K. K. Ho 2003 $5.00
IP159 Benoist sandstone reservoirs in south-central Illinois Hannes E. Leetaru and Kristin Mize 2003 $9.00
IP158 The origin of prolific reservoirs in the Geneva Dolomite (Middle Devonian), west-central Illinois Basin Beverly Seyler, John P. Grube, and Zakaria Lasemi 2003 $10.00
RPR2003-E The Mahomet Aquifer : a transboundary resource in east-central Illinois David L. Larson, Edward Mehnert, and Beverly L. Herzog 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-D Ostracode-based reconstruction from 23,300 to about 20,250 cal yr BP of climate and paleohydrology of a groundwater-fed pond near St. Louis, Missouri Brandon Curry and Denis Delorme 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-C 100 Years of Pb Deposition and Transport in Soils in Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A. Yanhong Zhang 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-B Mercury in Illinois coals : abundance, forms, and environmental effects Ilham Demir 2003 $5.00
RPR2003-A Hydrostratigraphic modeling of a complex, glacial-drift aquifer system for importation into MODFLOW Beverly L. Herzog, David R. Larson, Curtis C. Abert, Steven D. Wilson, and George S. Roadcap 2003 $5.00
OFS2003-17 Geologic mapping of glacial drift aquifers in the Greater Chicago Area of Illinois Stumpf, Andrew J., Ardith K. Hansel and Michael L. Barnhardt 2003 $6.00
OFS2003-16 Annual report for active IDOT wetland compensation and hydrologic monitoring sites, September 1, 2002 to September 1, 2003 Christine S. Fucciolo, Steven E. Benton, Keith W. Carr, Kara L. Hart, Marshall A. Lake, Michael V. Miller, James J. Miner, Geoffrey E. Pociask, Bonnie J. Robinson, Paula J. Sabatini, Baline A. Watson, Kelli D. Weaver 2003 $16.50
OFS2003-15 Bedrock geology of Bethalto Quadrangle, Madison and Macoupin Counties, Illinois Joseph A. Devera 2003 Out-of-print
OFS2003-14 Bedrock geology of the Prairietown Quadrangle, Madison and Macoupin Counties, Illinois F. Brett Denny 2003 Out-of-print
OFS2003-13 Reservoir characterization & 3D models of Mt. Simon gas storage fields in the Illinois Basin : final report David G. Morse and Hannes E. Leetaru 2003 $16.50
OFS2003-12 3-D visualization of bedrock resources in Lake County, Illinois Hannes E. Leetaru, Michael L. Sargent, Matthew H. Riggs, Dennis R. Kolata 2003 $13.00
OFS2003-11 Grand Detour potential wetland compensation site : hydrogeologic characterization report : Grand Detour, Ogle County, Illinois, Section 13, T22N, R9E (Federal Aid Project 742) Steven E. Benton 2003 $13.00
OFS2003-10 Illinois mineral industry, 1996-1998 Viju C. Ipe and Subhash B. Bhagwat 2003 $5.00
OFS2003-9 Stallings wetland compensation site (former Luehmann property) Madison County, IL (FAP 999) : final hydrogeologic characterization report Bonnie J. Robinson, D. Bradley Ketterling, Christine S. Fucciolo 2003 $14.50


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