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RI097 Corals from the Chouteau and related formations of the Mississippi Valley Region by William H. Easton 1944 $5.00
RI096 Differential thermal analysis of clays and shales : a control and prospecting method R. E. Grim and R. A. Rowland 1944 Out of print
RI095 Petrology of Bethel sandstone of south-central Illinois Willard D. Pye 1944 Out of print
RI093 Progress reports on subsurface studies of the Pennsylvanian system in the Illinois Basin Illinois State Geological Survey 1944 Out of print
RI091 An annotated synopsis of paleozoic fossil spores : and the definition of generic groups J. M. Schoph, L. R. Wilson, and Ray Bentall ; prepared in collaboration with the Dept. of Geology, Coe College, and the Tennessee State Division of Geology 1944 Out of print
C122 Use of electrical geophysical methods in groundwater supply Carl A. Bays 1945 Out of print
C121 The Illinois State Geological Survey in war mineral research M. M. Leighton 1945 Out of print
C120 Rustless pipe for war and peace Frederick Squires 1945 Out of print
C119 Agstone used in Illinois in 1944 : preliminary annual report by Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1945 Out of print
C118 Resaturate while repressuring Frederick Squires 1945 Out of print
C117 Architects contribute to Illinois development Joseph F. Booton 1945 Out of print
C116 The meta monohalogenated benzotrifluorides G. C. Finger and M. L. Kalinowski 1945 Out of print
B069 Amenability of various types of clay minerals to alumina extraction by the lime sinter and lime-soda sinter process by R. E. Grim, J. S. Machin, and W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print
IP052 Oil and gas development in Illinois in 1944 Alfred H. Bell and Virginia Kline 1945 Out of print
IP051 Developments in Eastern Interior Basin in 1944 Alfred H. Bell 1945 Out of print
RI113 Kinkaid corals from Illinois, and Amplexoid corals from the Chester of Illinois and Arkansas Wm. H. Easton 1945 Out of print
RI112 Rosiclare-Fredonia contact in and adjacent to Hardin and Pope Counties, Illinois Frank E. Tippie 1945 Out of print
RI111 Viscosity studies of system CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2:1, 40% SiO2 J. S. Machin and D. L. Hanna 1945 Out of print
RI109 Illinois mineral industry in 1944 Walter H. Voskuil and Douglas F. Stevens 1945 Out of print
RI108 Molecular associations between montmorillonite and some polyfunctional organic liquids W. F. Bradley 1945 Out of print


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