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RPR1998-E Magnetic susceptibility and mineral zonations controlled by provenance in loess along the Illinois and central Mississippi River valleys David A. Grimley, Leon R. Follmer, and E. Donald McKay 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-F A hybrid optimization approach to the estimation of distributed parameters in two-dimensional confined aquifers Manoutchehr Heidari and S. Ranji Ranjithan 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-G Evidence at Lomax, Illinois, for mid-Wisconsin (~40,000 yr B.P.) position of the Des Moines Lobe and for diversion of the Mississippi River by the Lake Michigan Lobe (20,350 yr B.P.) B. Brandon Curry 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-H Proxy of monsoon seasonality in carbon isotopes from paleosols of the southern Chinese Loess Plateau Hong Wang, Leon R. Follmer 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-I Development of carbon-based adsorbents for removal of mercury emissions from coal combustion flue gas M. Rostam-Abadi, H-C Hsi, S. Chen, M. Rood, R. Chang, T. R. Carey, C. F. Richardson, B. Rosenhoover 1998 $5.00
RPR1998-J Preface and parts I-V : transactions of the second International Symposium on Paleopedology Leon R. Follmer 1998 $5.00
RPR1999-A Isotopic identification of the source of methane in subsurface sediments of an area surrounded by waste disposal facilities Keith C. Hackley, C. L. Liu, David Trainor 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-B Removal of ash, sulfur, and trace elements of environmental concern from eight selected Illinois coals Ilham Demir 1998 $5.00
RPR1999-C An environmental tolerance index for ostracodes as indicators of physical and chemical factors in aquatic habitats B. Brandon Curry 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-D Depositional facies and sequence stratigraphy of a Lower Carboniferous bryozoan-crinoidal carbonate ramp in the Illinois Basin, mid-continent USA Zakaria Lasemi, Rodney D. Norby & Janis D. Treworgy 1998 $5.00
RPR1999-E Analysis of pumping tests: significance of well diameter, partial penetration, and noise Manoutchehr Heidari, Kamran Ghiassi, and Edward Mehnert 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-F Geologic characteristics of sulfur in coals and development of the clean coal technologies Chen-Lin Chou 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-H Wisconsin Episode glacial landscape of central Illinois; a product of subglacial deformation processes? W. Hilton Johnson, Ardith K. Hansel 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-I Estimating transmissivity from the water level fluctuations of a sinusoidally forced well E. Mehnert, A. J. Valocchi, M. Heidari, S. G. Kapoor, and P. Kumar 1999 $5.00
RPR1999-J Chemical composition and geologic history of saline waters in Aux Vases and Cypress Formations, Illinois Basin Ilham Demir and Beverly Seyler 1999 $5.00
RPR2000-A Preliminary environmental assessment of a corridor for a new bridge over the Mississippi River at East St. Louis, IL, and St. Louis, MO C.B. Trask 1999 Out of print
RPR2000-B Sequence stratigraphy of the Aux Vases Sandstone : a major oil producer in the Illinois Basin Hannes E. Leetaru 2000 $5.00
RPR2000-C Corrosivities in a pilot-scale combustor of a British and two Illinois coals with varying chlorine contents M.-I.M. Chou, J. M. Lytle, S. C. Kung, K. K. Ho 2000 $5.00
RPR2000-D Formation and distribution of coal balls in the Herrin Coal (Pennsylvanian), Franklin County, Illinois Basin, USA Philip J. DeMaris 2000 $5.00
RPR2000-E Palaeohydrology, vegetation, and climate since the late Illinois Episode (~130 ka) in south-central Illinois B. Brandon Curry, Richard G. Baker 2000 $5.00


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