Glass Slide Catalog

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00407 Effect of waste oil and salt water on a stream More Info
00414 Surface equipment at the New Orient Mine #2 at West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois More Info
00414 B World's largest coal mine, located in Illinois More Info
00416 Interior of an oil derrick More Info
00487 Impact machine of the manufacture of briquettes More Info
00506 Polished surface of a block of Illinois coal showing banded character More Info
00507 Fragments of fusain on a bedding plane of a coal bed More Info
00508 A block of coal mounted on a slide in preparation for grinding and a finished section of coal 1/5000 inch thick More Info
00511 "When the peat beneath such a swamp is buried and consolidated it becomes a coal bed" More Info
00527 Starved Rock from the Illinois River, La Salle County, Illinois More Info
00549 Bottles being inspected after tempering at the Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Alton, Madison County, Illinois More Info
00550 Drilling cement rock in a limestone mine More Info
00553 Outcrop of Galena dolomite along the Apple River, Jo Daviess County, Illinois More Info
00554 Quarry in Galena dolomite near Lee Center, Lee County, Illinois More Info
00555 Rotary car dumper in underground coal mine More Info
00569 Illinois Silica Company, Elco, Alexander County, Illinois More Info
00575 Rosiclare Lead and Fluorspar Company, Hardin County, Illinois More Info
00576 Scene along the Mississippi River near Hamburg, Calhoun County, Illinois More Info
00578 Coal sizing machine More Info
00580 Novaculite quarry at the Novaculite Paving Company, Tamms, Alexander County More Info