Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No.sort descending Title Date
00159 Fountain Bluff, Jackson County, Illinois More Info
00160 Bluff at Alto Pass, Union County, Illinois More Info
00161 Mouth of Cave-in-Rock, Hardin County, Illinois More Info
00163 Field station pump room More Info
00164 Charging pumps for refinery More Info
00165 Oil storage tanks More Info
00167 Oblique aerial view of the Lincoln Oil Refinery, Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois More Info
00168 Oil sand as seen through a microscope More Info
00172 Hand picking coal More Info
00173 A spiral device used for cleaning coal More Info
00175 Mine-run coal, unscreened, in a railroad car More Info
00185 A stripping coal process in Illinois More Info
00186 Mule haulage More Info
00187 Mine bottom with specially timbered roof, O'Gara Coal Company, Saline County, Illinois More Info
00188 Underground "garage" for electric locomotives at the Peabody Coal Company, Christian County, Illinois More Info
00189 Electric haulage of coal in an Illinois mine More Info
00190 A storage battery locomotive hauling coal More Info
00191 Coal ready for hoisting More Info
00192 Weighing and recording the coal output before hoisting More Info
00193 Electric hoists as used in Illinois mines More Info