Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
02211 Thin section of durain (splint coal) Brazil Block showing mega and micro spores in semi-opaque ground mass magnified x200; No negative Thin sections; Coal; Paleobotany More Info
03034 Oblique aerial photograph of the Calumet District, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois slide and negative available Aerial photographs; Calumet; Illinois Waterway; Cook County More Info
02887 Oil field photo possibly from the Salem field; No negative Petroleum; Derricks; Oil and gas fields More Info
02390 Thin section of a coal ball; part of the polished cut face is photographed by reflected light No negative Thin sections; Coal balls; Paleobotany More Info
00972 Hawks Cave, Ferne Clyffe State Park No negative Photographs; Geomorphology; Caverns; Caseyville Sandstone; Ferne Clyffe State Park; Johnson County More Info
03475 Annularia No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
03426 Exposure of limestone in a quarry No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Limestone; Quarries More Info
05073 Peel from coal ball showing cross section of Lepidostrabus cone zycopod "1659A" Fossils; Coal; More Info
05076 Photograph of mine buildings at the Graham Mine, Jo Daviess County, Illinois Mines and Mining -- Zinc; Mines and Mining -- Lead; Jo Daviess County, Illinois Graham Mine More Info
02282 Nashville coal balls, double shells No negative Coal balls; Paleobotany; Washington County More Info
01068 Pit of the Ottawa Silica Company No negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Quarries; St. Peter sandstone; La Salle County Ottawa Silica Company More Info
05095 Coal picking tables Coal mines and mining; Operations; More Info
05108 Photomicrograph of sample from Negaunee, Michigan, Marquette County Photomicrograph; Core sample More Info
04298 National Stone Company, Joliet, Illinois No slide or negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Stone; Silurian More Info
04364 Photomicrograph of living biocalarenite from quarry approximately two miles south of Casey, Clark County, Illinois slide and negative available Photomicrographs; Limestone; Clark County More Info
02782 Wood in a coal ball, Nashville mine, Washington County, Illinois No negative Photomicrographs; Paleobotany; Coal balls; Washington County More Info
02526 Map of the upper Illinois River valley, prepared from topographic maps No negative Maps; Illinois River More Info
01332 Pennsylvanian sandstone adjacent to Devonian black shale and above Pennsylvanian green shale in an old sink in Niagaran limestone in Kankakee Quadrangle, Kankakee County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Unconformities; Sinkholes; Fossils; Kankakee County More Info
02160 View of the wall in a tunnel through the Ogden Mound showing mottled effect of the intimately mixed clays of different colors, Fulton County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Archaeology; Odgen Mound; Fulton County More Info
00508 A block of coal mounted on a slide in preparation for grinding and a finished section of coal 1/5000 inch thick slide and negative available Photographs; Coal sample; Coal preparation; Thin section More Info