Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Date
00003 Comparison between coking results-Koppers and pilot ovens More Info
00004 Comparison between coking results-Koppers and pilot ovens More Info
00005 Experimental and commercial cokes compared - I. More Info
00006 Koppers oven discharging 65% Illinois coal into blend More Info
00012 Coal expansion pressure curve More Info
00016 Banded ingredients in Illinois coals More Info
00018 Cross section from Chicago to Cairo showing bedrock, drift, and physiographic divisions More Info
00018 A Pleistocene section in southern Scott County More Info
00021 Exposure of Pleistocene deposits two miles northeast of Oconee, Shelby County, west bluff of Opossum Creek 1929 More Info
00023 Aerial photograph of the Fox Lake region More Info
00035 Exposures of Pre-Illinoian drift in Clark County, Illinois More Info
00036 McClosky floods south area 1946 More Info
00037 McClosky floods north area 1946 More Info
00039 Siggins pilot flood development (Flood #2) and wider spacing of subsequent Flood #3 More Info
00040 Siggins pool well locations More Info
00048 Physiographic divisions of Illinois 1946 More Info
00051 Glacial moraines of the Wisconsin stage and other glacial features in northeastern Illinois compiled by George E. Ekblaw More Info
00054 Provisional map of the Nebraskan drift in Illinois More Info
00058 Architect's model of the Geological Survey laboratory and experimental housing project More Info
00069 Diagrams showing advances in McClosky floods in the Dundas Consolidated Pool More Info