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Call Number Title Date Author
3460 d5.4-1 Quaternary geology of Ontario c1991 More Info
3460 d5.6-1 Folded - F Surficial geology of northern Ontario 1987 E V Sado; B F Carswell More Info
3468 b1-1 [Base map of] Ontario [and adjacent areas]. 1942 , More Info
3480 d5.1-2 Geological map of Manitoba. 1965 , More Info
3490 d2-1 [Map of] physiographic divisions of Saskatchewan, Canada 1960 established by Saskatchewan Soil Survey, Geology Division Saskatchewan Res. Council, and Geology Department University of Saskatchewan More Info
3490 d5.1-1 Geological map of Saskatchewan 1980 compiled by Robert Macdonald (Precambrian Geology) and Paul Broughton (Phanerozoic Geology) More Info
3500 h-1 Province of Alberta, Canada resources and development [map]. 1952 , More Info
3510 b1-1 [Base map of] British Columbia. 1912 , More Info
3510 c5.2-1 Geological map of British Columbia 1948 , More Info
3510 d5-1 Folded - F British Columbia geological highway map More Info
3600 d5-2 Geology of the Island of Newfoundland 1968 by the Geological Survey of Canada, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources More Info
3690 b2-1 National Park System (United States and territories, showing location, area, and giving extent, brief description, historical significance, and hours). 1957 , ignificance, and hours). More Info
3690 i2-1 Value of 1928 mine production of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, and iron ore of the United States [Alaska and the Philippines] by states and districts yielding $100,000 or more 1928 Elmer W. Pehrson and the common metals division More Info
3690 k2-1 Forest regions of the United States [Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico] listing the principal trees of each region 1938 W.R. Mattoon More Info
3690 n9-1 United States recreational areas with connecting railways and airways, including Alaska and Hawaii. September 1936 , More Info
3690 n9-2 Map of the United States showing national parks and monuments, national forests, Indian reservations, wildlife refuges, public lands and historical boundaries 1964 compiled by the USGS in cooperation with the Department of the Interior More Info
3700 a-1 General reference : The National atlas of the United States of America 2001 , More Info
3700 a-2 International map of the world (1:1,000,000). Chicago 1948 Geological Survey (U.S.) More Info
3700 b1-12 Base map of the United States. 1965 , More Info
3700 b1-16 United States 1972; limited update 1990 compiled by the [U.S.] Geological Survey More Info


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