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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Bradbury, J.C. #2 Guide to ore and exploration techniques, northwestern Illinois zinc-lead district 1958 Bradbury, James C., More Info
MS Bradbury, J.C. #3 Possible effects of mining activities in ground water, Graham Mine and vicinity, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1969 Bradbury, James C., More Info
MS Bradbury, J.C. #4 Geology of the Silurian dolomites of northeastern Illinois and their use as building stone 1980 Bradbury, James C., More Info
MS Bradbury, J.C. #5 Report and comments on Bautsch Mine Cave-In, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1973 Bradbury, James C., More Info
MS Bradbury, J.C. #6 Dolomite resources of northeastern Illinois 1977 Bradbury, J.C. More Info
MS Bradley, W.F. #1 X-ray diffraction studies of some clay colloids 1935 Bradley, William F., More Info
MS Brahana, J.V. #1 Gravity and tectonic analysis of the northwestern Illinois zinc-lead district 1968 Brahana, John Van, More Info
MS Branham, K.L. #1 Cavity detection using high-resolution seismic reflection methods 1986 Branham, Keith L. More Info
MS Brantingham, C.A. #1 Report on property in T7N, R11W, Crawford County 1935 Brantingham, C. A., More Info
MS Bratton, K.M. #1 Preliminary investigation of Wisconsinan (Pleistocene) deposits in Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois 1971 Bratton, Kent M., More Info
MS Bredehoeft, J.D. #1 Refraction seismic studies in the Havana Lowland area, Mason County, Illinois 1957 Bredehoeft, John Dallas, More Info
MS Bretz, JH. #1 Geology of the Chicago Region, part II, incomplete. 1943? Bretz, J Harlan, More Info
MS Bretz, JH. #2 Caves of Illinois 1959? Bretz, J Harlan, More Info
MS Bridgett, L.S. #1 Fission track dating of the Tar Springs Formation, a Mississippian period sandstone of the Illinois Basin 1978 Bridgett, Leanna Simmons More Info
MS Briedert, H.G. #1 The building stones of Illinois 1898 Breidert, H. G, More Info
MS Briedis, C.A. #1 Market analysis and marketing plan for the ISGS geoactivities series 2004 Briedis, Cynthia A., More Info
MS Bristol, H. #1 Oil fields in Williamson and south third of Franklin Counties, Illinois 1976 Bristol, Hubert, More Info
MS Bristow, J.W. #1 Testimony of James W. Bristow before the Illinois Strip Mine Investigation Commission, July 18, 1942, August 28, 1942, and September 24, 1942. 1942 Bristow, James W., More Info
MS Brokaw, A.L. #1 Spores from Coal No. 5 (Springfield-Harrisburg) in Illinois 1942 Brokaw, A. L., More Info
MS Bronkhorst, D. #1 Some applications of statistical analysis in ore exploration 1961 Bronkhorst, Daniel, More Info


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