Manuscript Catalog

Call Number Title Date Author
MS Bird, J.M. #1 Use of subsurface flowmeter and fluid density analyzer for studying fluid flow in producing and injection wells 1961 Bird, James M., H. M. Bullard More Info
MS Bird, S.R. #1 Lithologic thickness variations of the Brereton Limestone in southwestern Illinois 1981 Bird, Shane R., More Info
MS Black, N.R. #1 Petrography and diagenesis of the Galena (Middle Ordovician) - Maquoketa (Late Ordovician) contact and the basal Maquoketa phosphorites in eastern Missouri and easter Iowa, U.S.A. 1985 Black, Nancy R., More Info
MS Bleuer, N.K. #1 Geology of the southeast quarter of the Shelbyville Illinois, quadrangle 1967 Bleuer, Ned Kermit, More Info
MS Boardman, R.S. #1 The description of insoluble residues of the Jackson quadrangle, Wyoming 1948 Boardman, Richard S., More Info
MS Bodus, T.M. #1 Clay fabric and clay mineralogy of Pennsylvanian shales, above the Herrin Coal, southern Illinois 1987 Bodus, Theresa M., More Info
MS Bogner, J.E. #1 Regional relations of the Lemont drift 1973 Bogner, Jean Ellen, More Info
MS Boley, C.C. #1 An analysis of the separation of coal into low-density and high-density fractions on an concentrating table 1947 Boley, C. C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #1 Pollution controls related to the oil and gas producing industry in the Illinois Basin 1972 Bond, Donald C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #2 Hydrodynamic potential and flow in the "Basal Sandstone" of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio 1976 Bond, Donald C., More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #3 Summary - Underground storage of natural gas in Illinois 1976 Bond, Donald C., Thomas C. Buschbach More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #4 Illinois oil production and reserves, a statement prepared for the Illinois Energy Resources Commission 1975 Bond, Donald C., T. F. Lawry, J. Van Den Berg More Info
MS Bond, D.C. #5 Recent Oil and Gas Activities in the Illinois Basin 1970 Bond, Donald C. More Info
MS Booker, F.W. #1 Oversize Studies in Permian sedimentation in the Sydney Basin, with appendix ; The Pennsylvanian system in the United States of America 1956 Booker, F.W. More Info
MS Boos, C.M. #1 Geology of the Dongola quadrangle 1921 Boos, C. M., More Info
MS Bork, K.B. #1 Bryozoa (Ectoprocta) of Champlainian age (Middle Ordovician) from northwestern Illinois, northeastern Iowan and southwestern Wisconsin 1967 Bork, Kennard Baker, More Info
MS Bosse, M.K. #1 Diagenesis and petrology of the Cypress Sandstone in hydrocarbon producing areas of central Illinois Basin 1986 Bosse, Mark K., More Info
MS Bounk, M.J. #1 Petrology and depositional environment of the Bainbridge Limestone (Middle and Upper Silurian) of southeast Missouri and southwest Illinois 1975 Bounk, Michael Joseph, More Info
MS Boylan, J.S. #1 Final report on SMA/BCR tentative standard procedure for testing and evaluating bituminous stoker coals 1953 Boylan, Joseph S., More Info
MS Bradbury, J.C. #1 Mineralogy and mineralization controls in the northwestern Illinois zinc-lead district 1958 Bradbury, James C., More Info


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