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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Willman, H.B. #9 C Zinc and lead possibilities of the Buck Hill (Blewett) mine and vicinity, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1944 Willman, Harold B., R.R. Reynolds More Info
MS Willman, H.B. #9 E Zinc and lead possibilities of the Birkbeck mine and vicinity, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1945 Willman, Harold B., R.R. Reynolds More Info
MS Willman, H.B. #9 F Zinc and lead possibilities of the Bell (Southcott) property, Jo Daviess County, Illinois 1945 Willman, Harold B., R.R. Reynolds More Info
MS Wills, D.L. #1 Sonora Sandstone of west central Illinois 1971 Wills, Donald L., More Info
MS Wilsey, W.L.M. #1 Subsurface geology and paleogeography of the Cypress Sandstone (Mississippian) and associated West Baden strata in parts of White and Gallatin Counties, Illinois 1984 Wilsey, William L.M., More Info
MS Wilson B.J. #1 Depositional environments and diagenesis of sandstone facies in the Aux Vases Formation (Mississippian), Illinois Basin 1983 Wilson, Barry James, More Info
MS Wilson, G.M. #1 The Stratigraphy of the McLeansboro Group of Vermilion and Edgar Counties, Illinois 1944 Wilson, G.M., More Info
MS Wilson, R.H. #1 Source water evaluation of Cypress Formation for the proposed Rural Hill water flood 1957 Wilson, R.H., L.K. Gatzke More Info
MS Winkle, C.J. #1 The paleoenvironment of the Cedar Valley Limestone (Middle Devonian) in northwestern Illinois 1979 Winkle, Candace J., More Info
MS Winston, R.B. #1 Paleoecology and taphonomy of middle Pennsylvanian-age coal-swamp plants: Herrin coal-ball peat and coal, Peabody camp 11 Mine, Herrin Coal, western Kentucky 1986 Winston, Richard Baury, More Info
MS Winternheimer, M.A. #1 The affects of depositional environments and diagenesis on hydrocarbon production from the Salem Limestone of the southeastern part of the Illinois Basin 1996 Winternheimer, Mark A., More Info
MS Wiscombe, C. #1 Evidence of neotectonic activity north of the New Madrid seismic zone: Thebes quadrangle, Illinois 1997 Wiscombe, Christine, More Info
MS Wissinger, D.E. #1 Paleocology and paleoenvironment of the Brereton Limestone (Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian) in a portion of the Illinois Basin 1987 Wissinger, Diane E., More Info
MS Witherspoon, P.A. #1 Studies on Petroleum with the Ultracentrifuge 1957 Witherspoon, P.A., More Info
MS Woida, K. #1 Morphology and genesis of soils in a buried Pleistocene toposequence, south-central Iowa 1991 Woida, Kathleen, More Info
MS Wolff, B. #1 Microfacies, depositional environments, and diagenesis of the Amapa carbonates (Paleocene-Middle Miocene), Foz do Amazonas Basin, offshore NE Brazil 1984 Wolff, Breno, More Info
MS Wolters, D. #1 Report on the Geological Conditions for a Geotechnical Evaluation of Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, T33N, R2E, La Salle County, Illinois 1977 Wolters, Doug, E. Scoggin More Info
MS Woltman, W.C. #1 Clay mineralogy of the Blue Band of the No. 6 coal of Illinois 1955 Woltman, Warren Clark, More Info
MS Woodruff, M.S. #1 Strontium isotope compositions of Mississippi Valley-type deposits enclosed in Cambrian Ordovician and Mississippian host carbonates 1980 Woodruff, Michael S., More Info
MS Woolery, E.W. #1 An integrated high-resolution p- and sh-wave seismic-reflection investigation of neotectonic deformation in the Kentucky Bend region: central New Madrid seismic zone 1998 Wollery, Edward W., More Info


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