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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Weller, S. #4 Pope County, Illinois, section of the Chester group 1916? Weller, Stuart, More Info
MS Weller, S. #5 The Chester group in the Baldwin-Sparta quadrangles, Illinois 1916? Weller, Stuart, More Info
MS Weller, S. #6 Matters in controversy between Weller and Ulrich over the Chester group 1916 or 1917 Weller, Stuart, More Info
MS Weller, S. #7 Stratigraphic and faunal succession in the Chester group of Illinois 1917 Weller, Stuart, More Info
MS Weller, S. #8 Chester group of Pope and Johnson Counties, Illinois 1922-1924 Weller, Stuart, More Info
MS Wescott, W.A. #1 Model for shallow marine epeiric sea deposition: the Tar Springs Sandstone (Upper Mississippian) in southern Illinois 1976 Wescott, William A., More Info
MS Wetendorf, F.H. #1 Environment of deposition of parts of the Brereton, Jamestown, and Bankston Cyclothems (Middle Pennsylvanian) of Williamson County, Illinois 1967 Wetendorf, Fred H. Jr., More Info
MS Wheeler, H.A. #1 Frogtown oil pool 1929 Wheeler, H.A., More Info
MS White, D. #1 Lower Pennsylvanian floras of Illinois and adjacent states, with a chapter entitled "Stratigraphy of the Caseyville, Abbott, and Spoon Formations of Illinois" by Harold R. Wanless White, David, More Info
MS White, W.A. #1 The properties of clays 1947 White, W. Arthur, More Info
MS Whitehead, N.H. #1 The stratigraphy, sedimentology, and conodont paleontology of the Floyds Knob Bed and Edwardsville Member of the Muldraugh Formation (Valmeyeran) Southern Indiana and North-Central Kentucky 1976 Whitehead, Neil H., More Info
MS Whiting, L.L. #1 Rosiclare Sandstone, Cooks Mills Area, Coles and Douglas Counties, Illinois 1958 Whiting, L.L., More Info
MS Whitsett, T.M. #1 Stratigraphy, petrography, and depositional environments of two middle Pennsylvanian limestones, tradewater formation, Illinois basin of western Kentucky : by Thomas Michael Whitsett 1997 Whitsett, Thomas Michael, More Info
MS Whittecar, G.R. #1 Geomorphic history and Pleistocene stratigraphy of the Pecatonica River Valley, Wisconsin and Illinois 1979 Whittecar, Jr., George Richard, More Info
MS Wickham, J.T. #1 Glacial geology of north-central and western Champaign County, Illinois 1976 Wickham, Jerry Thomas, More Info
MS Wickham, S.S. #1 The Tiskilwa Till Member, Wedron Formation : a regional study in Northwestern Illinois 1979 Wickham, Susan S., More Info
MS Wiener, J.C. #1 Ethanol from cellulose : a land use plan for the production of an agricultural fuel 1980 Wiener, Joseph Cameron, More Info
MS Wildeman, J.W. #1 Geology of a portion of the Waltersburg quadrangle, Pope County, Illinois 1976 Wildeman, Joseph W., More Info
MS Willard, B. #1 Stripping possibilities in selected areas in Illinois: Schuyler County, Illinois 1927 Willard, B., More Info
MS Willard, B. #2 Geology and mineral resources of Rushville quadrangle 1927 Willard, B., More Info


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