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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Wanless, H.R. #20 Lower Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of Illinois and adjacent states 1930s Wanless, Harold R. More Info
MS Wanless, H.R. #4 Geology and mineral resources of the Havana quadrangle 1930 Wanless, Harold R., More Info
MS Wanless, H.R. #6 Preliminary statement of problems of Pennsylvanian studied during 1929 in western Illinois 1929 Wanless, Harold R., More Info
MS Wanless, H.R. #8 General section of Pennsylvanian strata of western Illinois classified into cyclical formations 1929-30 Wanless, Harold R., More Info
MS Watso, D.C. #1 The effect of tectonic subsidence on sedimentation processes during deposition of four late Cambrian formations, upper middle west, United States of America 1988 Watso, David Charles, More Info
MS Watson, M.G. #1 Stratigraphy and environment of deposition of the State Quarry Limestone, Johnson County, Iowa 1974 Watson, Michael Guy, More Info
MS Webb, D.K. #1 Vertical variations in the clay mineralogy of sandstone, shale and underclay members of Pennsylvanian cyclothems 1961 Webb, D.K., More Info
MS Webb, N.D. #1 An investigation of the origin of the ridged drift of the lower Kaskaskia basin, southwestern Illinois 2009 Webb, Nathan D., More Info
MS Wegemann, C.H. #2 Starved Rock state park geology notes 1936 Wegemann, C.H., More Info
MS Weibel, C.P. #1 Stratigraphy, depositional history, and brachiopod paleontology of Virgilian Strata of East-Central Illinois 1988 Weibel, Carl Pius, More Info
MS Weiner, J.L. #1 Environmental study of stages within the Summum Cyclothem of Illinois in the east-central United States 1961 Weiner, J.L., More Info
MS Weisenfluh, G.A. #1 Controls on deposition of the Pratt seam, Black Warrior Basin, Alabama 1982 Weisenfluh, Gerald A., More Info
MS Welch, J.R. #1 Petrology and development of algal banks in the Millersville Limestone Member (Bond Formation, Upper Pennsylvanian) of the Illinois Basin 1975 Welch, James R., More Info
MS Welkie, C.J. #1 Geophysical-geological exploration for offshore sand and gravel, western Lake Michigan 1980 Welkie, Carol J., More Info
MS Well, R.E. #1 Ground-water resources of Fulton County, Illinois 1990 Well, Roger Eric, More Info
MS Weller, J.M. #1 Geology and mineral resources of Campbell Hill quadrangle 1920 Weller, James Marvin, More Info
MS Weller, J.M. #10 Carboniferous trilobites of Illinois 1933-35? Weller, James Marvin, More Info
MS Weller, J.M. #11 Fluorspar investigations, Rosiclare District 1942-1943 Weller, J. Marvin, K.O. Emery More Info
MS Weller, J.M. #12 Fluorspar Investigations, outlying properties 1943 Weller, James Marvin, F.E. Tippie More Info
MS Weller, J.M. #13 Electrical self-potential surveys to locate fluorspar deposits 1943 Weller, James Marvin, R.J. Piersol More Info


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