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Call Number Title Date Author
MS Torrico, A.C. #1 A geochemical study of water from streams, springs, and wells in a portion of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Monroe County, Illinois 1997 Torrico, Alfredo C. More Info
MS Toscano, W.A. #1 Purification and properties of electron transfer proteins from Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1978 Toscano, Jr., W.A., More Info
MS Townley, E. #1 The Educational extension program of the Illinois State Geological Survey 1944 Townley, Enid, More Info
MS Townley, L.R. #1 Numerical models of groundwater flow : prediction and parameter estimation in the presence of uncertainty 1983 Townley, Lloyd Richard, More Info
MS Tranel, L.M. #1 Subsurface structure and tectonic subsidence across the Illinois basin and Ozark dome boundary 2005 Tranel, Lisa Marie, More Info
MS Trask, C.B. #1 Mineralogy, texture, and longshore transport of beach sand, eastern shore of Lake Ontario 1976 Trask, Charles Brian, More Info
MS Trent, G.C. #1 Quaternary history and engineering properties of the surficial deposits associated with Pleistocene Lake Muddy, and stack unit mapping of the Murphysboro 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, Jackson County, Illinois 1994 Trent, G. Claire (Garrie Claire), More Info
MS Trescott, P.C. #1 The influence of preceding sedimentary patterns on the thickness of a Pennsylvanian coal 1964 Trescott, P.C., More Info
MS Treworgy, C.G. #1 Feasibility and Design Requirements of a Geographic Information System for the Illinois State Geological Survey 1982 Treworgy, Colin G., More Info
MS Treworgy, C.G. #3 Availability of coal for efficient, low cost underground mining in Illinois 1997 Treworgy, Colin, Cheri Chenoweth More Info
MS Treworgy, J.D. Siliciclastic infilling of a lacustrine basin in the Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) of the Illinois Basin 1989 Treworgy, Janis D. and Colin G. Treworgy More Info
MS Treworgy, J.D. #1 Stratigraphy and depositional settings of the Chesterian (Mississippian) Fraileys/Big Clifty and Haney Formations in the Illinois Basin 1985 Treworgy, Janis Driver, More Info
MS Treworgy, J.D. #2 Earth Science Training for K-12 Teachers - What can we do? 1999 Treworgy, Janis D. More Info
MS Trinh, T. #1 Modeling SO2 reactions in limestones and dolomites 1978 Trinh, Tung, More Info
MS Tripp, A.M. #1 Lower Mississippian Fort Payne Formation of Southern Illinois 1981 Tripp, Angela M., More Info
MS Truccano, N.D. #1 Ratio classification of forested areas lying above petroleum deposits in western Illinois utilizing thematic mapper data 1986 Truccano, Norman D., More Info
MS Tubb, J.B. #1 Environmental study of stages within the Brereton Cyclothem of Illinois in the Eastern and part of the Western Interior Coal Basins. 1961 Tubb, J.B. Jr., More Info
MS Turner, R.S. #1 Biogeochemistry of trace elements in the McDonalds Branch Watershed, New Jersey Pine Barrens 1983 Turner, Robert Spilman, More Info
MS Tuttle, M.P. #1 Late Holocene earthquakes and their implications for earthquake potential of the New Madrid seismic zone, central United States 1999 Tuttle, Martitia Powell, More Info
MS Udegbunam, E.O. #1 A New Quantitative Method for Identifying and Characterizing Flow Units of Oil Reservoirs using Field and Outcrop Data from the Cypress Formation (Mississippian), Illinois 1993 Udegbunam, Emmanuel O. More Info


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