Geology and mineral resources of the Havana quadrangle

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MS Wanless, H.R. #4
Wanless, Harold R.,
428 p. : 139 plates.

Parts A and B: Physiography, geologic history, stratigraphy of Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, and Pleistocene systems;
Extensive treatment of Pennsylvanian cross sections, photographs, and maps showing areal distribution of various features; eight structure maps;
Economic resources are mainly coal and clay, shales, limestone, sand and gravel;
Map shows areas underlain by coal; gives stripping and mining possibilities;
Appendix contains well logs, outcrop levels, five clay analyses, fossil identifications;
Part C: Preliminary outline of report covered more fully in parts A and B, 1927, 66 p.;
Part D: Text of Chapter VI, Mineral Resources, may date to 1929;
See maps 4107 i5.1-3, 4107 d3-3, sections 4107 u-3, 4107 u-4, 4107 t-6, R4107 t-7, and table 4107 y-1
Report is being revised by H.R. Wanless for publication in a combined report on the Beardstown, Glasford, Havana, and Vermont quadrangles (5/7/56);
Cited in Circular 220, "Unpublished Reports on Open File";


Economic geology
Havana Quadrangle


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