I. Coal stripping possibilities, western and northern Illinois and southeast Shelby County / Gilbert H. Cady. II. Stratigraphic succession of Pennsylvanian strata, western Illinois / H. R. Wanless and Gilbert H. Cady

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MS Cady, G.H. #33
Cady, Gilbert Haven, H.R. Wanless

I. Maps and brief report published as Circular 19. Outcrops and character of coals no. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 5 in western and northern Illinois, and Trowbridge coal in Shelby County.;
II. Emphasizes cylothem units and describes occurrence and identifying characteristics of certain strata.;
Cited in Circular 220, "Unpublished Reports on Open File";
Cited in Circular 201, "Unpublished Reports on Open File";


Pennsylvanian System

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Wanless, H. R.


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