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2000 Des Plaines River Watershed Orthophotography

Orthoimagery was produced for the Des Plaines River Watershed from Year 2000 black-and-white aerial photography in the Illinois State Plane, East Zone with a NAD83 datum. Digital images were acquired from 17,500 feet above mean terrain using the Direct Digital Panoramic (DDP-1) camera. Images were acquired during leaf-off vegetative conditions in spring, 2000 at a 1 x 1 foot resolution and 1:2,400 scale. The images cover about 450 square miles of the Des Plaines River watershed in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois, including portions of Racine and Kenosha counties in Wisconsin and Lake, Cook, and Du Page counties in Illinois.

Onboard GPS and navigation system data were used to derive camera position and attitude for data processing. Preprocessing, bore-site adjustment, and ortho-rectification were performed using automated processing in SocketSet photogrammetric software and proprietary software. Radiometric adjustments were applied to reduce brightness variations between images and to enhance image contrast.

Des Plaines River Watershed file distribution

Data Distribution: Compressed Data

Compressed data are LizardTech's MrSID (first generation) .sid files. One compressed file is roughly 2.5 megabytes in size.

A complete collection of year 2005 Des Plaines River Watershed data requires about 850 Megabytes of storage space. We do not plan to distribute compressed data files by any other means (cd-rom, zip drives, portable drives, ftp download, etc).

Year 2000 Des Plaines River Watershed data (339 files) are available free-of-charge via:
a list of files for data download, or
an image map for data download.

Des Plaines River Watershed Collection metadata.

File indexes: - tiles in Wisconsin and Illinois.
index metadata - for the file

The extent of each image is 8,000 x 8,000 feet.
Files are named by the State Plane coordinates of the southwest corner of the tile.
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has online Watershed information for this area.
The US Geological Survey provides Water Resources Links for this area.

Data Distribution: Uncompressed Data

An ArcIMS web service is being created from the original GeoTIFF files loaded into ArcSDE.

Project Support for Data Distribution

Project funding was contributed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation 2000 program.