Illinois Clearinghouse: Background and Milestones

The Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (Illinois Clearinghouse) is an established node of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Clearinghouse Network. Hosted by the Illinois State Geological Survey since July 1, 1997, the Illinois Clearinghouse has become the de facto starting point for the GIS and remote sensing user communities in Illinois.

Customers include a broad cross-section of organizations including state and federal agencies, regional groups, county and municipal governments, universities, K-12 teachers and students, and private sector businesses. In addition, hikers, fishermen, hunters, birding enthusiasts, and land trust preservationists download data from the Illinois Clearinghouse.

Clearinghouse Project Milestones
Phase 1 Final Report: Web pages and data catalog first established.
Phase 2 Final Report: USGS Digital Raster Graphic files accessible on-line.
Phase 3 Final Report: USGS 1998-2001 Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle files accessible on-line.
2005 CUA Final Report.doc: USGS 2005 Chicago Urban Area data files accessible on-line.
2005 DOQ Final Report.doc: USGS 2005 Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle files accessible on-line.
Illinois Landcover Data added in 2008.
Illinois Height Modernization Program initiated in 2008; LiDAR data for 18 counties on-line by Spring, 2011.
Statewide collection of 1938 - 1941 Historical Aerial Photographs completed in Fall, 2011.
This clearinghouse was initially developed as a cooperative effort by:
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Illinois Natural History Survey
Illinois State Geological Survey
Illinois State Museum
Illinois State Water Survey
Office of Mines and Minerals
Office of Realty and Environmental Planning
Waste Management and Research Center

The Scientific Surveys and Offices of the Illinois DNR have used GIS technology for research in the public service for many years. They have established a history of creating, publishing, and distributing information to the public, government, academia, and industry.