Applied marine and coastal morphodynamics: a few examples of research projects at Deltares, Netherlands

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Event Location: 
Leighton Conference Room (room 101), Natural Resources Building

Dr. Thaienne van Dijk (Deltares, Netherlands)


Knowledge of marine, coastal and river morphodynamics is crucial for the management and safety of low-lying countries like the Netherlands, bordering on the North Sea. Our natural coastal defence is being reinforced by beach and shoreface nourishments, river dykes are carefully monitored and maintained, offshore and river bed dynamics are investigated for safe navigation and hydraulic engineering purposes, and geological mapping is applied for natural resources. A wide range of methods, from empirical research and experiments, to geologic, groundwater, and hydro- and morphodynamic modelling are used at Deltares for researching surface processes and predicting surface evolution and the occurrence of subsurface sediments.

In this seminar, a brief introduction to Deltares, an applied research institute in the Netherlands in the fields of water and the subsurface, will be given, then zooming in on a few applied research projects on sea-bed dynamics for risk-based monitoring and offshore wind farm design, and a coastal mega-nourishment “Zandmotor” (Sand Engine), and a brief outlook to just commenced and nearby projects on seabed sediment mapping and river dune dynamics.

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About the speaker

Dr. Van Dijk was educated in Physical Geography at the University of Amsterdam (B.Sc./M.Sc.) and Keele University, UK (Ph.D.) in glaciofluvial morphology and sedimentology, with fieldwork in Greenland, Ireland, Canada and Iceland. She then took up a position as a Marine Geologist at the Geological Survey of the Netherlands in 2002, carrying out projects on offshore Quaternary mapping, marine eco-morphodynamics and benthic habitat mapping. Since 2010, she is a Marine Geologist at Deltares. For 9 years she also has been a part-time lecturer (Marine Systems) at the University of Twente and from last August, she is affiliated to the University of Illinois. Recent projects at Deltares focus on sand wave morphodynamics, river dunes, and sea-bed sediment mapping in the North Sea.