County Maps

Map of Illinois showing counties that have been mapped.

County mapping is carried out at the ISGS under a variety of programs. The programs exist for different purposes and require different levels of scientific review. Maps are published in specific Series based on the program under which they were created and the corresponding level of review. The links on this page access all downloadable county-scale maps except Coal, Oil, and Gas, which are maintained separately. Please use the Coal Maps and Oil and Gas Maps links to access those maps.

The ISGS Library page provides links to catalogs of ISGS maps and publications.

Boone 2000 Bedrock Geology boone-winnebago-bg.gif (51.76 KB)
Boone 2000 Bedrock Topography boone-winnebago-bt.gif (57.74 KB)
Bureau 2009 Surficial Geology bureau-ss.gif (34.92 KB)
Carroll 1997 Aquifer Sensitivity carroll-as.gif (61.75 KB)
Carroll 1997 Bedrock Topography carroll-bt.gif (47.42 KB)
Carroll 1997 Bedrock Geology carroll-bg.gif (54.33 KB)
Carroll 1997 Land Cover carroll-lc.gif (47.87 KB)
Carroll 1997 Mineral Resources carroll-pdr.gif (45.12 KB)
Carroll 1997 Shaded Relief carroll-sr.gif (61.55 KB)
Carroll 1997 Surface Slopes carroll-ss.gif (57.33 KB)
Carroll 1997 Surface Topography carroll-st.gif (52.05 KB)
Henry 2012 Surface Topography henry-st.gif (68.12 KB)
Henry 2011 Surficial Geology Henry County Surficial Map
Kane 2007 Three-dimensional Model kane-3d.gif (32.57 KB)
Kane 2007 Aquifer Sensitivity kane-as.gif (38.69 KB)
Kane 2007 Bedrock Geology kane-bg.gif (40.65 KB)
Kane 2007 Cross Sections kane-cs1.gif (27.76 KB)
Kane 2007 kane-qa.gif (40.34 KB)
Lake 2013 Surface Topography lake_st_map.gif (40.66 KB)
Lake 2015 Surficial Geology lake_county_sg_map-1.jpg (70.77 KB)
Lee 1999 Bedrock Geology lee-bg.gif (49.22 KB)
Lee 1999 Bedrock Topography lee-bt.gif (43.43 KB)
Lee 1999 Data Points lee-dp.gif (40.71 KB)
Lee 1999 Quaternary Deposits lee-sg.gif (60.61 KB)
Lee 1999 Shaded Relief lee-sr.gif (59.79 KB)
Lee 1999 Surface Topography lee-st.gif (63.6 KB)
Monroe 2012 Sinkhole Distribution Monroe County Sinkhole Map
Carroll 1997 Data Points carroll-dp.gif (30.06 KB)
Carroll 1997 Quaternary Deposits carroll-sg.gif (51.44 KB)
Cook 2004 Geologic Atlas cook-ga.gif (8.98 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Aquifer Sensitivity jodaviess-as.gif (73.76 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Bedrock Geology jodaviess-bg.gif (60.73 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Bedrock Topography jodaviess-bt.gif (64.96 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Data Points jodaviess-dp.gif (41.45 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Quaternary Deposits jodaviess-dt.gif (48.29 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Land Cover jodaviess-lc.gif (63.94 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Surface Topography jodaviess-lst.gif (60.39 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Surficial Geology jodaviess-sg.gif (67.12 KB)
Jo Daviess 2000 Shaded Relief jodaviess-sr.gif (52.81 KB)
Madison 2006; originally 2006 Surficial Geology madison-sg.gif (72.11 KB)
McHenry 1995 Bedrock Topography mchenry-bt.gif (29.27 KB)
McLean 1997 Bedrock Topography mclean-bt.gif (30.93 KB)
McLean 1997 Data Points mclean-dp.gif (26.64 KB)
McLean 1997 Extraction Operations mclean-eo.gif (33.93 KB)
McLean 1997 Surface Topography mclean-st.gif (59.2 KB)
McLean 1997 Drift ThicknessQuaternary Deposits mclean-dt.gif (39.61 KB)
McLean 1998 Cumulative Sand and Gravel Thickness mclean-sgt.gif (55.96 KB)
Tazewell 2003 Aquifer Sensitivity tazewell-as.gif (57.84 KB)
Tazewell 2003 Bedrock Topography tazewell-bt.gif (44.73 KB)
Tazewell 2003 Data Points tazewell-dp.gif (50.17 KB)
Tazewell 2003 Quaternary Deposits Tazewell County Drift Thickness
Tazewell 2003 Shaded Relief Tazewell County Shaded Relief
Tazewell 2003 Surface Slopes Tazewell County Surface Slopes
Tazewell 2003 Surface Topography Tazewell County Surface Topography
Tazewell 2003 Surficial Geology Tazewell Surficial Map
Tazewell 2003 Extraction Operations Tazewell County Resource Extraction
Lake 2003 Three-dimensional Model Lake County 3D
Kane 2013 Surficial Geology Kane County Surficial Map
Whiteside 2013 Surficial Geology Whiteside Surficial Map
St Clair 2011; originally 2010 Surficial Geology Surficial Geology of St. Clair County, Illinois
Lee 2009 Outwash Sand Deposits lee-ss.gif (33.23 KB)
Hardin 2014 Bedrock Geology hardin_county_bg_map-1.jpg (40.96 KB)
Champaign 2014 Surface Topography champaign_st_map.jpg (59.86 KB)
DuPage 2014 Surface Topography dupage_st_map.jpg (60.25 KB)
Jo Daviess 2014 Surface Topography jo_daviess_st_map.jpg (56.99 KB)
Kane 2014 Surface Topography kane_st_map.jpg (56.12 KB)
Lee 2014 Surface Topography lee_st_map.jpg (60.75 KB)
McHenry 2014 Surface Topography mchenry_st_map.jpg (34.57 KB)
Monroe 2014 Surface Topography monroe_st_map.jpg (57.4 KB)
St Clair 2014 Surface Topography st_clair_st_map.jpg (69.57 KB)
Whiteside 2014 Surface Topography whiteside_st_map.jpg (47.18 KB)
Will 2014 Surface Topography will_st_map.jpg (60.04 KB)
Jo Daviess 2015 Karst Terrain Characterization of karst terrain and regional tectonics using remotely sensed data in Jo Daviess County, Illinois
Pope 2016 Bedrock Geology
Jo Daviess 2017 Karst Terrain

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