Christopher J. Stohr

Christopher Stohr
Engineering Geologist
Hydrogeology and Geophysics
217-244-2785 (Fax)
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S. Purdue University
  • B.S. St. Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN
Research Interests: 
  • Remote sensing/image interpretation for engineering and environmental applications
  • Post closure monitoring of landfills
  • Surveying, GNSS/GPS technology and geodesy
  • Photogrammetry, terrestrial laser scanning, and LiDAR
  • Promoting improvement of Illinois' topographic data with new reference marks and airborne LiDAR imagery through "Height Modernization"
Current Research Projects: 
  • field crew setting up total station and GNSS/GPS receiver for surveying ground control of an inaccessible outcrop at a pit near Ottara, ILDevelop low-cost methods to improve post closure monitoring of landfills
  • Photogrammetry, remote sensing and image processing to classify lithology and mineralogy on short-lived outcrops
  • Description of inaccessible sections in pits and quarries by photogrammetry and laser scanning
  • Outreach and K-12 education on engineering geology, site selection, waste management, and groundwater issues

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Geological Society of America
  • Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
  • Association of Missouri Geologists
  • Midwest Friends of the Pleistocene
Selected Publications: 

color photo of Wisconsinan glacial sediment near Ottawa, IL

Stohr, C., J. Petras, D. Mikulic, and J. Thomason. 2011. Stereophotographic Measurement of Joint and Bedding Orientation at Thornton Quarry, Illinois. Illinois State Geological Survey Circular 579. 23p. and 7 appendices.

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Stohr, Christopher, Wen-June Su, Leon Follmer, Paul B. DuMontelle, and Robert A Griffin 1988. Engineering Geology Investigations of a Hazardous-Waste Landfill in West Central Illinois. Bulletin of the International Association of Engineering Geology No. 37, pp. 77-89.

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